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About Us

Han Guk Mu Sool is a martial arts system that combines traditional, and modern, martial arts into a unique platform.

The practice of Han Guk Mu Sool incorporates various elements, including moving forms, striking, kicking, joint locks, throws, grappling, and weapon techniques. It emphasises both self-defence and personal development, aiming to cultivate physical strength, mental discipline, and spiritual growth.

The mission of Han Guk Mu Sool is to preserve and grow awareness of our Korean based martial arts through their practice and promotion.

Like many traditional martial arts, Han Guk Mu Sool places a strong emphasis on respect, as well as adherence to traditional Korean values and customs.

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Global School Locations

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United Kingdom

The birthplace of Han Guk Mu Sool, our organisation has an array of locations throughout the United Kingdom, where we annually host tournaments and seminars.

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With our founding School in Fortuna, close to Murcia, our Spanish operations are supported by our Country Director Jackie Barry.

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With two Schools location in Muncie, Indiana and Fayetteville, Georgia, the USA operations are supported by Country Director Marlin Sims.

Schools List
Barker Martial Arts V12 (for online - Korea) [small for email etc]

Barker Martial Arts

Claygate, Surrey

James & Vicki Barker

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Martial Arts Bexhill

Bexhill, East Sussex

Joe Millen & Agne Novakaite


Martial Arts Hastings

Hastings, East Sussex

Brenden O'Sullivan & Emma Martin

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Peterborough Martial Arts


Connor Graham


Martial Arts Fortuna, Spain

Furtuna, Spain

Jackie Barry

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Tamworth Martial Arts


John Gravenall & Carole Vickers


Loddon & Beccles Family Martial Arts

Loddon and Beccles

Philip Hinchliffe

Dereham Club badge_JPG

Traditional Korean Martial Arts Dereham

Dereham, Norwich

Chris Winter

Martial Arts Stowmarket

Martial Arts of Stowmarket

Stowmarket, Suffolk

Mat Wilding & Simon Oakley

Martial Arts Diss

Martial Arts Diss

Diss, Norfolk

Craig Munday

Martial Arts Diss

Korean Self Defence

North London

David Clarke

Martial Arts Diss

Muncie Martial Arts

Muncie, Indiana, USA

Ken Ring

Martial Arts Diss

Battle Martial Arts

Battle, East Sussex

Sam Phyall

United Martial Science

United Martial Science

Fayetteville, Georgia,USA

Marlin Sims

Martial Arts Diss

Spirit of the Warrior School

Atlanta, Georgia

Marlin Sims

Phoenix Martial Arts Spalding

Phoenix Martial Arts Spalding

Spalding, Lincolnshire

Rob Bryant

Screenshot 2024-05-03 at 16.18.11

Hapkido Mu Sul

Sant Boi de Llobregat, Spain

Félix Vázquez Gómez

  • Harmony Through Balance

    Embracing the principles of eum-yang, we cultivate harmony in our practice, seeking balance between technique and spirit, strength and humility.

  • Courteous Grace

    Rooted in Yejeol, we embrace the value of courteous grace, fostering respect, harmony, and genuine connections within our community and beyond.

  • Resilience in Adversity

    Drawing inspiration from the indomitable spirit of Korean history, we develop the strength to persevere in the face of challenges, both in our martial arts journey and life.

  • Hongik Ingan (홍익인간)

    We embrace the ancient Korean philosophy of Hongik Ingan, which encourages us to contribute to the welfare of all humanity through our martial arts practice and principles.

  • Munjeong (문정)

    We honour the Korean concept of Munjeong, the mental and physical alignment that enables us to achieve a tranquil mind, unlocking deeper levels of skill and understanding.

  • Shimjang (심장)

    Instilling the essence of Shimjang, or heartfelt sincerity, we approach our training with passion and devotion, enhancing not only our skills but also our character.

  • Jeong (정)

    Rooted in Korean tradition, Jeong signifies integrity, honesty, and transparency in our actions, fostering an atmosphere of trust within our martial arts community.

  • Eumnyul (음률)

    In line with Eumnyul, the rhythm and flow of Korean martial arts, we learn to adapt to various situations, making fluid and purposeful decisions both in combat and life.

  • Sahwa (사화)

    Embodying the spirit of self-improvement, Sahwa drives us to continuously evolve and progress, reflecting the dynamic nature of Korean martial arts.

  • Woori (우리)

    Embracing the concept of Woori, or unity, we foster a strong bond within our community, where collaboration and support lead to collective growth.

These key values are not only relevant to the training within the dojang (training hall) but also extend to how practitioners conduct themselves in their daily lives. The emphasis on character development and ethical principles sets Han Guk Mu Sool apart as a martial art that seeks to cultivate well-rounded individuals who embody not just physical skill but also a strong moral and ethical foundation.