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Martial Arts Diss Joins Han Guk Mu Sool: Expanding the Korean Martial Arts Family

We are excited to announce that Martial Arts Diss have joined Han Guk Mu Sool in January 2024. Run by Craig Munday and his excellent instructor team the Diss school is focussed on delivering Korean martial arts instruction to juniors, families and adults.

As an HGMS school they immediately benefit from school, instructor and student insurance, national black belt testings and promotions, annual tournaments and displays, seminars and more. They will form part of our school owners council and have voting rights in the association about key decisions, operations and direction for HGMS.

Han Guk Mu Sool continues to be about our community, openness, transparency and our love of Korean Martial Arts.

If you want to find out more you can send us a message here or via email: