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Han Guk Mu Sool Association: Promoting Korean Martial Arts Worldwide

The Han Guk Mu Sool Association is a global community of Schools, Masters, Instructors, and Students dedicated to promoting and developing the martial arts of Korea. We uphold the true spirit of the martial arts, emphasizing respect, discipline, and personal growth.

Our association is governed by a Council of School Owners and Masters, as well as an Association Secretary, Business Operations team, and Chief Master. No single person has the power to make sweeping decisions, and we trust our school owners to make key decisions on our behalf.

We adhere to UK safeguarding laws and principles, and all of our instructors must hold valid DBS certificates and proper insurance to ensure a safe and secure training environment for our Members, Students, Families, and Friends.

Han Guk Mu Sool is a comprehensive martial art that encompasses striking techniques, grappling, joint locks, throws, take-downs, ground fighting, self-defense, weapon training, forms, meditation, and mental discipline. Through this diverse range of teachings, practitioners develop physical strength, mental focus, and spiritual growth.

School Owners Council

Our main decision making body

As an Association School you automatically join the School Owners Council and are attributed 1 vote when we make decisions about our Association. The School Owners Council is the backbone of integrity and accountability in the Association.
The School Owners Council is expected to put forward improvements, raise concerns, seek change and hold the Association to the highest standards. The School Owners Council is the main decision making body in the Association and typically most decisions about the Association's martial arts and direction are ratified by the School Owners Council.

Managing Director

Business and Operations

This role is to uphold the vision and mission of the Association and hold it to the highest standards of its code of ethics and code of conduct.

It oversees the business and commercial operations of the Association and supports the Masters and School Owners in the achievement of their goals and needs.

Chief Master

Integrity and Guidance

This role is to maintain the integrity and direction of martial arts within the Association. To maintain its teaching and practice standards, to guide its Masters, School Owners and Instructors in the practice of our martial arts.
The Chief Master also acts as the chair of the Masters Council.


Chief Instructors

Training and knowledge

These roles are to take the lead in the oversight of martial arts training across the Association, the Chief Instructors will lead our martial arts training, our Syllabus, Workshops, Seminars and overall physical learning.
This role requires a high level of physical knowledge and capability, combined with an intricate knowledge of our philosophies, histories and theories.

Deputy Chief Instructors

Learning and Support

Our deputy Chief Instructors assist in our martial arts training, our Syllabus, Workshops, Seminars and overall physical learning. They add capacity to our overall Chief Instructor team and create the pipeline of future Chief Instructors.

These roles also require a high level of physical knowledge and capability, combined with an intricate knowledge of our philosophies, histories and theories.

Country Directors

Expertise in location

A Country Director represents the HGMSA within a specified territory and supports the HGMSA with both Business Operations and Martial Arts Operations as required by the HGMSA.

Country Directors would work with the Managing Director for all Business Operations and the existing Chief Master and Chief Instructor teams for Martial Arts needs.

Association Secretary

Support and organisation

This role facilitates much of the administration for the HGMSA including the taking and distribution of key meeting minutes and messages.

The secretary would attend most, if not all, meetings held within the Association and ensure smooth administrative running of the Association in conjunction with the Managing Director and Chief Master.

Masters Council

Standards and Guidance

As an Association Master you automatically join the Council. The Masters Council will support the Chief Master to maintain the integrity of martial arts taught within the Association, to maintain its teaching and practice standards.

The Masters Council will also act as the resolution body for complaints, grievances, concerns, etc. raised about, or from within, the Association. Should such an issue be about the Masters Council this would be given directly to the Chief Master and Managing Director for resolution. The Masters Council is also responsible for making decisions should the School Owners Council be unable or incapable of making a majority decision.

Would you like to join Han Guk Mu Sool?

With no franchise agreement and opportunities to shape the association as a School Owner we would love to hear from you. We welcome all Martial Arts styles rooted in Korean culture and history.

  • Harmony Through Balance

    Embracing the principles of eum-yang, we cultivate harmony in our practice, seeking balance between technique and spirit, strength and humility.

  • Courteous Grace

    Rooted in Yejeol, we embrace the value of courteous grace, fostering respect, harmony, and genuine connections within our community and beyond.

  • Resilience in Adversity

    Drawing inspiration from the indomitable spirit of Korean history, we develop the strength to persevere in the face of challenges, both in our martial arts journey and life.

  • Hongik Ingan (홍익인간)

    We embrace the ancient Korean philosophy of Hongik Ingan, which encourages us to contribute to the welfare of all humanity through our martial arts practice and principles.

  • Munjeong (문정)

    We honour the Korean concept of Munjeong, the mental and physical alignment that enables us to achieve a tranquil mind, unlocking deeper levels of skill and understanding.

  • Shimjang (심장)

    Instilling the essence of Shimjang, or heartfelt sincerity, we approach our training with passion and devotion, enhancing not only our skills but also our character.

  • Chung (정)

    Rooted in Korean tradition, Chung signifies integrity, honesty, and transparency in our actions, fostering an atmosphere of trust within our martial arts community.

  • Eumnyul (음률)

    In line with Eumnyul, the rhythm and flow of Korean martial arts, we learn to adapt to various situations, making fluid and purposeful decisions both in combat and life.

  • Sahwa (사화)

    Embodying the spirit of self-improvement, Sahwa drives us to continuously evolve and progress, reflecting the dynamic nature of Korean martial arts.

  • Woori (우리)

    Embracing the concept of Woori, or unity, we foster a strong bond within our community, where collaboration and support lead to collective growth.

These key values are not only relevant to the training within the dojang (training hall) but also extend to how practitioners conduct themselves in their daily lives. The emphasis on character development and ethical principles sets Han Guk Mu Sool apart as a martial art that seeks to cultivate well-rounded individuals who embody not just physical skill but also a strong moral and ethical foundation.